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  • Hello Adam, glad to know that you are embracing future through Rocket ported tools. Can you please elaborate more on the issues that you are facing with respect to codepage and "reading from unix file ...

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    RE: CORS

    Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Actually, that INCLUDE is wrong. Should be: RESPONSE.HEADER="" RESPONSE.HEADER<1> ="Access-Control-Allow-Origin" RESPONSE.HEADER<2> = "*" RESPONSE.HEADER<1,2> = "ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_CREDENTIALS_HEADER" ...

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    RE: UV Python Numpy Crash

    Nic - It worked! Fantastic! Thank you for the VOC entry and for the additional information. Joe Miele ------------------------------ Joseph Miele Self Registered Clinton IA United States --------- ...

  • Hello Arunkumarbalaji, If you've already installed Miniconda and told the installer to configure it for Rocket's secure server, all you need to get back to the public server is remove the following line ...

  • Hi Peter, I know you have the solution with wintegrate. One another option is using the 'CallHTTP' toolset from uniBASIC and then you do not need to deploy curl and you are not client dependant. Have ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    hi, craig, I suggest to use the second version of the execute statement where you can use 'passlist list'. In this sample, I know some MD keys and I'll the ones which are keyword (<1>[1,1] ='c' the sort ...

  • Oh, and I now don't get the previous error. So until the PO is paid to Rocket, I'll have to use the public channel. ------------------------------ Michael Babcock Rocket Forum Shared Account ------- ...

  • Hi Doria, Thank you for the detail information, I reproduced the behavior with 'git merge' locally, without using a git server. Git truncates the last SHIFT_IN (\x0f) character when merging for adding ...

  • Thank you Jorge Catalino Tecfinity Pty Ltd Tel +27 11 417 0800 Fax +27 11 622 6305 jorge@tecfinity.co.za<mailto:jorge@tecfinity.co.za> _____________________________________ Please consider the environment ...

  • Hi Prabhat, No one ever purchased support for the R port and so investment ceased and it is no longer available. If BankWest were to purchase a support contract for Rocket Open AppDev for Z, Rocket could ...

  • There are generally three types of customers for the Multi-value platform. First, and the largest, is value-added resellers or VAR's and they dictate what they will do with the software. Second, with no ...

  • Rocket Software and Uniface are now one in both name and process. We encourage you to explore the forum, related Rocket properties like our documentation and support portal, and submit your questions here ...

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