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    New Testing solution for IBM i

    I'm thrilled to announce the first release of a brand-new Rocket product – Rocket DevOps test. Not only is this a new Rocket product, but it's also a completely new IBM i product! Rocket DevOps test ...

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    RE: D3 and Python

    Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Essentially 3 things are required: The Python add-on must be licensed in D3 for it to be used. .pyconfig needs to look something like this: PYHOME=C:\Users\Stefano Gallotta\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37 ...

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    WINAPI Interface for base64

    Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    We're using U9.2 - before $encode/$decode were implemented & we'd like to decode base64 we're receiving. Tried to use the cryptBinaryToStringA operation in the crypt32.dll but not sure how to define the ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hi I just had a look and upopup is part of ucomment so probably best not to go the dangerous root :-) So, I would go with this:- 1. Create an xml export file of a component or all components 2. Cut ...

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    Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hi Michael, Large blocks / chunks of code - the lazy mans approach to commenting out chuncks of code: if (2=1) <x lines of code later> endif For the latter question: <home><shift end><ctrl+c><ctrl+v> ...

  • Posted in: MultiValue Tools

    MultiValue Integration Server version 1.3.1 has been released on June 28 2022 for the below platforms/versions: AIX POWER 7.1, 7.2 AlmaLinux 8 Amazon Linux 2 CentOS ...

  • A helpful reminder. Thank you. ------------------------------ Shawn Waldie enterprise application developer Rocket Forum Shared Account Los Angeles CA US ------------------------------

  • Chuck, I believe so - I always aim to explicitly release any file or record locks set and never rely upon the default behaviour myself. Regards JJ ------------------------------ John Jenkins Principal ...

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  • Adding: If accessing UniVerse files on a separate UniVerse instance on another server, please use UV/NET. Accessing files using raw NFS mounts will inevitably result in data mismatches at best as ...

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  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Afaik, the [resources] section is only for reading the uar files, and does not control the output. The resources_output setting is used to control where the compiled code is written. Also, it can't ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Yes, D3 is configured to start when Linux boots. I don't recall this happening when installing other patches but I may not have noticed. ------------------------------ Steve Caspers President Murphy ...

  • Also note Jason that Rocket's Open AppDev solution now includes IBM's Python port and Rocket has ceased investment in our own Python port. You will need to choose between using an older version of the ...

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Rocket Software Acquires Database and Tools Products of Zumasys, Inc.

Acquisition Allows Rocket® to Innovate at Scale, Provide eLearning, and Develop Coordinated Product Roadmaps Informed by Zumasys Application Expertise. Learn more.

Oct 14

Introducing a Modern, Dynamic Platform for Product Documentation

Interact with a modern UI, save time and effort with quick search capabilities, and create watchlists and personalized libraries to get and save content relevant to your products and interests. Learn more.

Oct 4

Welcome Rocket Uniface Users

Rocket Uniface customers are now part of the Rocket Forum. We're excited to have you onboard and look forward to collaborating with you. Check out your dedicated forum space and register today.

Oct 4

Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.1 now available

  • Improved experience for both system administrators and end users.
  • Enhanced security leveraging IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM Z and Rocket MFA (IBM i Edition). Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) now supports TLS 1.3.
  • Support for high availability.
The complete list of enhancements and related system requirements are in the release notes.

3 months ago

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