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    SBClient - Nationality Setup - Euro Symbol

    Asked in: MultiValue Tools

    hello folks, I try to define a euro.CVT configuration usable on CUI and GUI with sbclient. We want to store euro symbol on ...

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    [Universe/XDOM api] How to insert an xml fragment from ...

    Hello, Im using XDOM api in Universe 11.3.1 and I'm trying to import 'an xml fragment' from string into a current nodeHandle. Explanations ...

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    uopy and security

    Hey everyone, complete noob here who has been tasked with implementing some stuff with uopy. We have been reviewing the security ...

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    uopy.Subroutine maximum data size that can be passed ...

    Hello, I am currently developing a tool which uses uopy to call uv subroutines on the server. The solution works perfectly well, ...

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    RE: u2py : connection understanding

    I wanted to echo a similar question as Manu. I am using u2py in a SB+ enabled account. While running functions such as u2py.run('WHO'), ...

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    RE: Compiler Directives

    Answered in: Rocket D3 | mvBase

    You are correct, 10.3 seems to work as expected. Thanks!

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    RE: Compiler Directives

    Answered in: Rocket D3 | mvBase

    I believe that stuff was added in 10.3, but I'll check.

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    Compiler Directives

    Asked in: Rocket D3 | mvBase

    I'm trying to conditionally compile some code but I can't seem to get the IFDEF to work. This is the source code below, I would ...

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    RE: Queries about using curl in zos

    Hi Tony, 1. a. You can check the default location of cacert.pem with curl-config --ca command and update it with your SSL cert. b. ...

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    Queries about using curl in zos

    Hello, I'd like to ask some questions about using curl in zos, to be more specific I'm exploring how to upload/download things ...